“I just wanted to thank you guys for an amazing night. I had so much fun... more fun than I've had in a long time. It is so nice to laugh 'til you cry. You are all very funny gentlemen! I was sorry I couldn't see the show twice. You made me really happy. One of my favorite memories of the city!”
--Cathy Nicoli

“That was a hilarious show. It was so great to go and see something and actually love it. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next. I've been talking you up all over town, so I hope some of my friends will go in the future.”
--Brett Halsey

“I just wanted to let y'all know what a fabulous time I had. I have never laughed so hard. I have told all 5 people I know in NYC to go see your show and have strongly encouraged them to bring a fresh pair of underwear.”
--Suzannah Beard

“Honestly, that was one of the most enjoyable pieces of theater I've seen in a long time. Congratulations. I'll come again. This time I'm bringing a posse.”
--Christopher Carley

“Thanks for the show. We REALLY enjoyed it! Everyone seemed to have a great time. Keep me posted and thanks again for making me laugh!”
--Amy Merlino

“The show was great! My friends and I had an amazing time.”
--Noshua Watson

“My friends and I had an awesome time. You guys kick ass!!!”
--Einat Afek

“I liked your show. It made me laugh a lot, then it made me laugh again when I was
telling people about it.”
--Magic Brian

“My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed your show. My face hurt from laughing by the time we left. All three of you were hilarious. I will recommend Happy Hour to everyone I know!”
--Pamela Sisley

“We had a wonderful time. You guys are so great.”
--Karla Vermeulen

“You guys ROCK! I loved the show--very fresh and original.”
--Chris Harrison

“I absolutely loved the show. It really was terrific.”
--Ed Wetschler

“We thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a truly an ensemble production--and yes, clever,
naughty and highly entertaining! Thanks.”
--Suzanne Ausnit

“I was delighted and entertained by your show. I thought you were all unique, funny, and adorable!”
--Jane White

“Wow...I'm impressed! We had such a good time. The three of you really work well together to put on an hysterical show. We loved it. Thanks for the laughs!”
--Melissa Fisher

“Merci ~ Danke Shoen ~ Gracias ~ Priviet ~ Namasde ~ Thanks!! The creative energy of Happy Hour's show was infectious. We were so relaxed and happy the rest of Sunday and all the way back to Boston!”
--Bobbie Willcutts

"Classic old-school clowning meets sexy, funky madness!"
     --Jay Rhoderick

"These talented performers have put together funny, inventive shows
that left their consistently sold-out audiences asking for more."
     --Dave Storck

"I'm always happy to see someone who sweats more than me."
     --Jy Murphy

"At one point I was genuinely worried about their personal safety."
     --Philippa Kaye

"Last night's performance was superb, impressive in its seamlessly honed
teamwork, all with wonderful touches of humor, lightheartedness and fun!"
     --Dani Adjemovic

"We'll come see anything you do."
     --Bud & Kathi

"Your show is amazing. It took me on such an emotional journey."

"A clinic in classic clowning."

"The show was incredible."

"I never stopped laughing."

"I have never seen 100 people smile for and hour and 15 minutes straight before. Outstanding."
-- Jose Pressman

"You were wonderful! I smiled so wide you could see my back teeth."
--Laura Mazzorana

"Athletic, imaginative, hilarious clown theater."
--Brian Foley

"Best $12 I've spent in a long time."
-- Michael Rock

© 2003 Happy Hour Productions

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